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Latest improvements made to FullCertified to create the best online exam simulator

April has been a month of intense activity and hard work as we focused on creating and implementing new features. Today, we're excited to announce some further improvements that have been added to our website, especially regarding the exam simulator! With these new features, we're confident you will have an even better exam experience.

Mobile Compatibility

Taking exams on phones has been one of the most demanded features you've requested, so we've made some significant improvements to our mobile compatibility. With this update, you can take tests using your phone as you do with your laptop. This means that no matter where you are, you'll be able to access our exams and take them on any device.

Mark for Review

We know how important it is for you to be able to flag questions to come back or to review them later. You can now do that with our new Mark for Review feature. When reviewing questions, you will see three different colors. Red and yellow indicate that the question was marked for review and it was answered incorrectly. Green and yellow indicate that the question was marked for review and it was answered correctly. Finally, yellow alone indicates that the question was marked for review but no answer was selected. You can filter by these different colors in the review screen to quickly locate and review questions that you marked.

Practice Mode

Do you want to practice before they take the actual practice exam? With our new Practice Mode, you can take quizzes and review the questions, allowing you to see the solutions before taking the exam. Let's give it a try!

New Design

We have recently made significant changes to the user interface of the exams page. These changes include a new layout and design, with a more user-friendly interface allowing easier navigation and access to exam information. You asked for a better UI, and we have it for you!

Other Improvements

  1. Improvements in Code Questions: We've made some changes to our code questions, including smaller margins, which means that users will have more space to view their code. This improvement will make reading the code easier, improving your experience when taking coding-based questions.

  2. Improvements in Redirections: We've also made some improvements to how our exams redirect to other pages. This means that when clicking on a link within the exam, you'll be taken to the appropriate page quickly and smoothly instead of just seeing the link as before.

We're always striving to make our platform as user-friendly and accessible as possible, and we believe these new features will help us achieve that goal. Do you have any suggestions or feedback that you want us to implement? These are all ideas from other users, so if you want to see yours next, please let us know!

The FullCertified team.